eCommerce Product Videos for SEO

Product videos are important part of your content strategy and the best source of engaging your registered and potential customers. Your product videos are source of better understanding for your customers and they are also helpful when you want to show some kind of method of doing something using your product and services. A product in action provides detailed information about its features and usage.

To get the more out of your product and services videos you should keep following points in your mind.

About Product Videos

An item video demonstrates your clients how your item looks in reality, how a customer can interface with it, and what benefits it gives. While quality photographs can indicate what an item looks like in a presented situation, a convincing item video can enable customers to imagine precisely how it very well may be utilized. Product related videos can also propel website improvement techniques by following below mentioned steps.

  • You should always enhance the amount of related content on your corporate ecommerce website
  • You should use such strategies that can hold your visitors on the website for long
  • Backlinks development also does matter

Unlike commercial video clips, which are bound to concentrate on portraying an item’s general features or presenting a watcher with your brand name, a product video really exhibits its uses and advantages. Item videos can also more viably feature item particulars and straightforwardly show how the product tends to help customers in what they are looking for.

Right Product with Right Video

For simple items, you can frequently utilize one short video to clarify their drive, functions, and advantages. Demonstrate the item in real life and depict its particulars with the goal that clients can see firsthand how it functions and how it can address their requirements.

For complicated products, you might need to make a complete line of videos. Utilize a shorter video to present its fundamental reason and most basic Structures, yet then make extra item videos to include deepness and spread extra segments, uses, or advantages. A video arrangement allows clients to make it stride by-step and to concentrate on which features are most imperative to them.

An extraordinary case of this is Asana and their utilization of YouTube item shows that they’ve made a whole arrangement that covers normal item questions and tips for their clients.


Creating E-commerce Product Video



The initial phase in making web based business item recordings is planning. Before you begin making an item video, ensure you have a reasonable thought of who your intended interest group is, the platform you’ll be sharing your video, and what you need to convey.

  • However, a best product introductory video comprises following points;
  • What about the product
  • How it can be helpful and beneficial to its users
  • How can people buy it easily

However, the best online business videos flaunt the item’s best highlights and how they give genuine esteem while tending to the purchaser’s need. Think about any much of the time made inquiries about your item, the most well-known positive comments it gets, and its different characteristics while collecting contents for your product video.


When you have an arrangement for what to incorporate into the video, think about where you need audience to watch it. Videos on your product page or on YouTube can be lengthier video; however videos shared via web-based social media channels improve when they’re kept simple-short-sweet.

On your corporate website, video ought to be incorporated close by item photographs, details, and buying-related information. On different stages, consider the roads purchasers will take to discover your video; relevant wordings and hashtags, for example, are significant to remember when arranging and making product visuals.


Optimal Lengths for Your Product Video according to a survey

  • 1% of the survey was willing to watch 30-60 seconds video
  • 1% of the survey was willing to watch 1-3 minutes video
  • 2% of the survey was willing to watch more than 3 minutes video



This fact cannot be rejected that ideal videos length depends on the platforms your share your videos on. If you are going for YouTube then you may go for long product videos as viewers of YouTube tend to watch long videos. On the other hand, if you are planning for product video on social media then keep your product videos short and comprehensive.

YouTube Usage for Video Marketing

YouTube is the 2nd largest web search tool today. Therefore, all things considered, recordings will be served to your intended interest audience when you transfer and upgrade videos per YouTube’s accepted. As a data source and a stage for sharing product data, it is vital. Furthermore, it’s free!

Keeping Viewers Engaged

You may find that you can use YouTube for a wide range of showcasing purposes, yet the product video is a standout among the best uses for the platform. Get the benefit of an engaged audience and offer your item’s most vital qualities. Remember to drive watchers back to your site with hyperlinks, comments, and cards.

Why Video Marketing is so important

According to the research, after a year, 85% traffic of online users in US will be because of online videos. It is close to enough to show the importance of video content marketing that you have to believe in this fact. Video content is ending up exceedingly vital to product based companies and brand, as it requests to shoppers who are new to a brand or item, just as those you’ve officially changed over. Regardless of whether they like 30 seconds or 3 minutes videos, item videos are one of the quickest and best approaches to indicate buyers the genuine value of your product and services.