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ADS's Terms And Conditions


ADS's Terms And Conditions

The purpose of telling Terms and Conditions is to state the rules and regulations of ADS LLC and to inform you the obligations we owe you. Therefore, you agree to our these terms and conditions before using the website, and we strongly encourage to keep visiting our disclaimer page if there is any we make for our visitors.

Use of our Website

You are allowed to use this website to print, share and download the given material on it for your own purposes without making any changes in it. Republishing of any material online or offline is not allowed to anyone without our consent.

We don’t provide any warranties for the accuracy, reliability and completeness regarding our website or the information and product and service on this website. Any dependence on us is strictly at your own risk.

Visitor Conduct

Except of personal information covered under the Privacy Policy, everything you share with us would be considered as non-confidential. We are independent to use this information for any purpose like to distribute and disclose unless you advise us not to do. Please, without our permission, don’t post or share any pornographic and defamatory material or material that creates disturbance for others as it would be considered illegal activity.

Site Activity

We do full efforts to keep this website available every time and every day but unavailability can still happen due to unexpected server downtime and other technical issues. We would not be responsible for any loss for this.

Link to and from other websites

In order to share further and additional information and product and services ADS can take another website through hyperlinks where all obligations, rules and regulations would be as per that website Privacy Policy. We strongly encourage you to check or properly read their terms and conditions/privacy policy.

Exclusion of Liability

It would be totally not on us to bear any loss or damage of information and profits as a result of your use of this ADS website. We always to try to provide exact and correct information through our website, but in case of any change in circumstances we don’t take any guarantee regarding information. Servicing and repairing cost may be charged.

Governing Law

All these terms and conditions and also Privacy Policy shall be governed as per the laws of USA.